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Trak-It® C3

Trak-It® C3
Trak-It® C3
SKU: PR 55011
No Recoil,
Fuel Cell Technology,
Includes Two Batteries,
Ligth and Balanced,
No special license required,
Narrow Nose Shoots Hat-Channel,
Warranty Covers all Costs,
Super Hard Track with Easy Pin Glide More details...
Price: $842.60
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Product Details
  • Product Description
  • Features and Benefits
Product Description
Trak-It® Fasteners and Blue Nailer-Gas Fuel Cells are designed to be used with the Powers Trak-It® Tool and can also be installed with the ITW Ramset® TrakFast® tool. Ten fasteners are collated on each patented, plastic top hat-style strip. Use for light duty static applications such as drywall track to concrete, block or steel, lath to concrete or block, furring strips to concrete or block, and plywood to concrete or block base materials. The fuel cell, with its unique right angle metering valve, contains enough gas to install up to 1200 fasteners. Each package contains 1000 fasteners and 1 fuel cell..
Approvals and Listings:
International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) ER-6157
City of Los Angeles (COLA) Research Report LARR-25523
Features and Benefits
The revolutionary Trak-It® Gas Fastening Tool from Powers is significantly lighter, faster, and more reliable than competitive gas tools. Improved with the latest technology, the durable Powers Trak-It tool will keep your project on schedule and reduce downtime due to maintenance and repairs.
We feature the newest technology in nickel hydride batteries. Our battery, which can re-charge in one hour, fires as many as 5700 shots and the click-on system prevents wear and tear on the contacts. Two batteries are included free in every kit to guarantee a full, productive day of firing.  When you are firing thousands of shots a day, a one-pound difference in tool weight is considerable. If you are firing overhead, you’ll appreciate the perfect balance and lower recoil of the Trak-It tool.
Powers makes fixing the infrequent pin-jam a breeze by putting an easyaccess latch on the nose that can be opened instantly. No more need to take apart the tool with a jam!  The easy-glide pin track can accommodate multiple pin lengths. Nose of tool fits in narrow channel.
      • Shoot metal track or lath to concrete, block, brick and steel
      • Safe and easy to use
      • No licensing required
      • Lubricating fuel works down to 10° F
      • Nose of tool fits in narrow channel
      • Lightweight design great for overhead use
      • No extra accessories required for shooting lath
      • 30,000 to 50,000 shots before cleaning is necessary depending on jobsite conditions
      • 1 year warranty on parts, including all wear items