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Trak-ItŪ C4-LT

Trak-ItŪ C4-LT
Trak-ItŪ C4-LT
SKU: PR 55112
One Nailing Tool Now Does It All!
comes with case, charger and battery,
Works in temperatures down to 10° F More details...
Price: $1,342.30
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Product Details
  Tool Body   Precision Moulded Aluminum and Plastic
  Tool Length   13"
  Tool Weight   7 lbs 
  Pin Length   2-9/16" Total Length                                   
  Pin Capacity   42
  Approximate Shots per Fuel Cell   800 pins
  Approximate Shots per Battery Charge   5700 pins
  • Product Description
  • General Applications and Uses
Product Description
The Revolutionary C4:  One Nailing Tool Now Does It All!
Powers’ Trak-ItŪ C4 has redefined high volume gas fastening for steel and wood to both steel and concrete. This completely portable system eliminates the need for compressors and hoses, which can be significant dangers on the jobsite.  Speed, power and rugged durability are the hallmarks of this revolutionary fastening product line.
Steel Track to Concrete
Trak-ItŪ C4 is a high volume production tool in steel track to concrete applications. Just load the
42 pin track and go.
Wood to Concrete
The powerful Trak-ItŪ C4 can handle 2x4 and 2x6 wood to concrete applications because of 130 Joules of power, making it the most powerful gas tool available.
Wood to Steel
Trak-ItŪ C4 tackles 2x4 and 2x6 wood to steel applications, even overhead.
General Applications and Uses

·         2x Wood to Concrete

o        #55146
2-9/16" PAT Pin w/ Red Flute & Washer

·         Steel to Steel

o        #55161
.500 Pin Knurled

·         2x Wood to Concrete

o        #55147
2-9/16" Pin w/ Washer

·          Plywood to Steel

o        #55167
1" Step Shank Pin Knurled

·         2x Wood to Steel

o        #55171
2" Step Shank Pin Knurled

·         Plywood to Concrete

o        #55124
2-1/4" Pin

·         Steel to Concrete

o        #55132
1" Pin

·         Exterior Steel to Concrete

o        #55163
.680 Pin Knurled

Trak-It C4 Pins
Fastening into Concrete and Steel
Metal Track
Furring Strip
2x Wood
Rubber Membrane
Foam Board
Stucco Mesh
Metal Straps
Available in 1/2" to 2-9/16" Pin Lengths Galvanized Sill Plate Pin Available in single or Collated Strip
Other Pin Sizes Available